Jeremy (happifacek) wrote in weoveranalyze,

hey guys, i just wanted to let you know that i just now showed film 9 of the twenty four hour movies to a teenager on a farm in new zealand. i'm not quite sure he got it, but it made me smile a lot, like so much that my cheeks hurt, and it even made me nostalgic for highschool! holy crap! isn't that something? i had intense flashbacks to wandering through the halls of science and smelling gross chinese food (i still have the number for that place), having told my math teacher i was "going to the bathroom" and running in to random kids and acquaintances and maybe friends in the halls. this isn't one of those "oh my god i miss highschool" episodes, at least i don't think it is, it's just that i've had a really funny relationship with the last four years lately- and i bet most of you guys have too. a lot of the time, i don't even think of bronx science. and i'm fine with that! but i'll be wandering down a beach alone, or shoveling donkey poop ten thousand miles from home, and i'll think "huh, i wonder what me sitting bored in history class would think of this", and i also think of what a lot of you kids have been up to. college must be pretty nuts too, there's probably moments of crazy action and moments of crazy solitude and loneliness, lots of times that make highschool seem like another planet, and lots of times that make it seem like we never even left- or at least that's how it's been for me. i'd really like to hear what you've all been doing, if it's been fun or terrible or both, and to thank you for being such sweet kids and for the fun times. i hope at least someone is still making those movies, you've now got an international fan club! a big hug and crazy shrug from new zealand,
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